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Stainless Steel Flanges
Provided Stainless Steel Flanges are the plate-shaped pipe adjuncts, which can be easily combined to each other with the utilization of bolts. Applicable for various constructions, these are appreciated for their optimal sealing property and excellent tensile strength. Capable to withstand extreme temperatures, these are resistant to corrosion and impairment. Proffered with aesthetic qualities, these are highly economical.
Stainless Steel Fittings
Proffered with easy installation and effortless accommodations, these Stainless Steel Fittings are impervious to air and water. Capable to be easily reformed after scratching and scarping, these stand as the superior choices in corrosive environments. The products can hold out their strength at extremely high temperatures, by offering optimal performance.
Stainless Steel Bars
Offered with a unique ability to elude stains and corrosion, Stainless Steel Bars also stand as the perfect alternatives for hygiene-conscious conditions. Resistant to corrosion, these come with significant strength-to-weight advantage. Capable to withstand heat damage as well as chemical damage, these are provisioned with optimal tensile strength. The bars work as the welcome choices for eco-friendly construction tasks.
Stainless Steel Fasteners
Ideal for the utilization in manufacturing appliances, hardware, surgical instruments, cookware and cutlery, construction material for large buildings, industrial equipment and skyscrapers, provided Stainless Steel Fasteners work as the optimal fastening solutions. These have the ability to defy corrosion in acid or alkaline solutions. The products are also suited to deliver an optimum performance in chlorine bearing surrounds, such as processing plants and several other industrialized facilities.
Stainless Steel Angles
Provided Stainless Steel Angles are applicative for a wide assortment of reasons. Employed in the construction industry for building homes and several other structures, these are utilized as the support to those structures. As they are made from stainless steel, they are apt to be longer lasting and can resist rust even after the numerous years of utilization.
Titanium Products
We deal in Titanium Products, which come with resistance against impact and are protected from the possible damages grounded during construction. Provided heat resistant products are utilized in heat-exchange equipments, such as tube type heat-exchanger, coiled type heat-exchanger, coil heat-exchanger etc. Proffered with high tensile strength and industry standard designs, these enable improved integration with several construction components.
Stainless Steel Products
Offered Stainless Steel Products come with high corrosion resistance and extended service life. Provided with industry standard thickness and shapes, these are simple to store. Totally safe from all harms grounded by rough weather or sunlight, these are provisioned with robust structure. Resistant to impact, heat and flame, these are required for construction as well as after construction use.
Duplex Steel Products
Offered Duplex Steel Products are the members of the steel family, having a mixed micro-structure of austenite and ferrite. These are known to offer prodigious strength and incredible aesthetic qualities along with their finer resistance against high temperature and corrosion. Proffered with an optimal hygienic surface finish, these benefit the industries by their improved steel recyclability.
Nickel Alloy Pipe Fittings
Provided Nickel Alloy Pipe Fittings are available with high mechanical strength and easy welding. Proffered with high creep rupture strength, these are appropriately suitable for their utilization in chemical equipment, oil towers, gasoline or freshwater tanks, marine engineering, heat exchangers, shafts, fittings, valves, pumps etc, These have excellent resistance to alkaline salt and seawater.
Stainless Steel Sheets And Plates
Suitable for their applicability in the food processing & handling, heat exchangers, chemical process vessels, conveyors, architectural, marine, pharmaceutical equipments supplied Stainless Steel Sheets & Plates have the quality to withstand corrosion. These can deliver optimum performance in all kinds of situation be it a corrosive environment or a heated one.
Carbon Steel Products
The primary alloying constituent of Carbon Steel Products is carbon. These are the most common and cost effective forms of steel and are efficiently ductile and malleable. Proffered with balanced ductility, enhanced strength, and good wear resistance, these are exceptionally strong and can be treated to great hardness. These can be used for automotive, large parts, forging components, high-strength wires, etc.
Mild Steel Products
When it is about stealing kudos for versatility as well as cost-effectiveness, Mild Steel Products stand at the top. Made by using mild steel, Mild Steel Products are suited for their utilization in motorcycle frames, auto-mobile chassis, cookware etc. These can be coalesced with far greater simplicity and can cut down the money spent both on electrical costs and man-hours.
Alloy Steel Products
Proffered Alloy Steel Products are the crucial metal products for engineering and industrial constructions. These are proffered with increased strength, optimal hardness, wear resistance, hot hardness, harden-ability and capable toughness. Made from the free-machining steel, these are highly resistant o rust, and damage made by environmental impacts. These are proffered with the certain chances of security and offer great results in all of their applications.
Durable and reliable Bolts are designed for meeting construction and other demands of the industries with high efficacy. They are available in sturdy materials for no abrasion and rust.
Precisely designed Nuts are designed in varied sizes and specifications for ensuring to add strength and sturdiness to different plumbing, carpentry and construction applications.
Sturdy Washers are designed for distributing the load of a threaded fastener. It also reduces vibration and noise with its precise as well as durable design.
Machine Screw
Machine Screw is used in the applications where controlling of fine motion of an object is required. This durable screw comes with round ort flat head as per the demands.
Self Tapping Screw
Self-Tapping Screw can tap its own hole with driven into the product or material. This is available in sturdy design with anti-abrasive and non-corrosive coating.
Industrial Steel Products
The chemical composition, shape and mechanical characteristics of our Industrial Steel Products are determined by the steel industry standards. They can be fastened, soldered and cut in different shapes, designs and sizes. These also can be erected on the sites as soon as they are delivered to the customers.
Nickel Alloy Products
Nickel Alloy Products are extensively used to produce stainless steel, enhancing important properties such as formability, weldability and ductility. They are used for heavy forgings, turbine blades, highly stressed screws, bolts, and nuts. These products require very low maintenance and replacement costs.

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